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2013 blog recap

So I posted a mere 61 posts in 2013 on this blog (EEEK! Barely 1 post per week!), my visits went down, and my sponsorships dwindled…but guess what? I am happier then ever with my content here and things I accomplished this year with my blog.

Here are my top 5 blog moments of 2013:

  1. My Park Ranger Amy series lived on and we visited 9 more parks this year!
  2. You joined us on our road trip travels to Western Massachusetts (one, two, three, four) and to Niagara Falls and back. 
  3. I partnered with London Times, Flips Audio, and Aeropostale for some really fun collaborations and partnerships.
  4. Blog Better Boston held another conference, launched a new website, and began {hub}LINKS. I could not be prouder of where #BBBos has taken me over the last two years.
  5. We witnessed the incredible support and love you all had to give us when we shared the news of the addition of our son, Logan to our family trough adoption.

I hope you have enjoyed joining me on this journey this year as well and that we continue on in 2014!

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Merry Christmas

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Dear Santa….

Please bring me something cozy, something comfy, something fun, and something warm…

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