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valentines day memories

When I was in elementary school I remember that I liked this boy named Brian. On Valentine’s Day the class exchanged paper valentines and I was excited to drop one into his little decorated paper bag mailbox. Then I remember being embarrassed because he pointed out that I spelled his name wrong… B-R-A-I-N instead of B-R-I-A-N. Funny thing is that I can’t even remember his last name now but at the time it was mortifying!

Once I hit high school, my memories of Valentine’s Day are when my mom would buy my dad and I little heart shaped boxes of candy - chocolates specific to what we liked. Chocolate covered caramels for me, and chocolate covered nuts for him. I even remember one year she gave me the cutest little stuffed monkey along with the chocolates.

The first Valentine’s Day that Stew & I spent together was something out of a fairy tale - a surprise mini getaway, dinner, champagne - the whole nine yards. Now we do not celebrate nearly as elaborately but usually enjoy cooking dinner at home and exchange cards or small trinkets. It’s just the way I like it. There are many other days in the year that hold more meaning to us that we choose to celebrate instead.

One thing I do look forward to each year is receiving a snail mail style Valentine from my sister and of course, I still like to get a little festive for the holiday - a little bit of red, a lot of red, or a heart shaped accessory or two.

When I came across this collection of heart themed jewelry by TOUS I just fell in love! (Insert a hint for Stew here)

The bracelet above is by far my favorite of the collection but there pendants, earrings, and necklaces that would make wonderful gifts this Valentine’s Day - or all year long.

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