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Unlike Vermont & New Hampshire, Massachusetts is home to 14 different National Parks. Over the years I have visited many of them as family outings and school field trips. Since I am on a mission to fill up my National Park Passport, Stew and I are re-visiting all of the parks.

First up is the Minute Man National Historical Park which spreads through the towns of Lexington, Lincoln, and Concord. We started our day at the main visitor center in Concord. Thankfully we planned this trip well as the center was closing for the season the next day. I am a sucker for the introductory videos they offer at the parks.

There is a lovely 5 mile walk that takes you along the Old Battle Road with many historic sites and monuments along the way. It was a bit too cold for this, so we drove around the park and stopped at a few of the more popular spots: Paul Revere’s Capture Site, Hartwell Tavern and The Old North Bridge.

This park truly brings the history of the start of American Revolution to life and would love to visit again in the warmer Spring weather.

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