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Last month I participated in a month long subscription to Borrowed Closet. The general concept is great - pay a small monthly fee, get store credits, and go shopping as many times as you would like during that month. It seems to have a similar structure to Netflix but for clothing.

With my initial credits to the store I picked up three items - The tee & necklace shown below (see full outfit post here) and a dress, that unfortunately did not fit. I promptly sent back the dress and ordered two more items.

The quality of the items, their customer service, and concept of the company are all fantastic. There are, however, some things that I didn’t love.

They are based in CA and I am in New England. Most of the items in the catalog are for warmer weather. It is Boston, in November, and I would have liked to have seen sweaters or long sleeved items to choose from. 

Also, only one return shipping fee is included in the monthly subscription ($29.95) so when the first dress didn’t fit and I sent it back for new items, I had to pay to return the rest of that month’s items. I would have rather paid a little more up front to have unlimited return shipping in order to take advantage of trading items multiple times throughout the month.

Overall, I was pleased with the experience and think you would be too!

Borrowed Closet did offer me a complimentary one month subscription in return for this review. However, all content and opinions are my own.

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