I'm Gonna Fly

Today is the start of something new.

For the last 5 years I have worked for LOFT. When I started with the brand I was just looking for a social outlet and something to do with my time in between clients for my web design business. It may sound cliche, but I fell in love with the brand and more importantly the people I worked with. 

I have been in the same location since I started, but have moved up into the different levels of management. Now I am ready for the next step and will be taking over my own store.

Today is my first day in this new role and I am filled with a mix of emotions.

My old team are not just co-workers to me, they are like family. Last week I had to say goodbye to this family and it nearly broke my heart. They are the most amazing group of woman any one could ask to work with. They are supportive, kind, dedicated, caring, hard working, and the sole reason I loved going to work every day.

While I still have a heavy heart knowing that I will not be with them anymore, I am truly looking forward to the challenge ahead of me. I now have the opportunity to help build and be a part of a new team. Everyone at my new store has been so welcoming and it makes me feel hopeful for the future.

I have learned so much from my interactions with my old team and can not wait to get to know the new team and continue to grow and learn together with them.

Today is the start of something exciting.

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