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In my goal to visit all of the National Parks, I started researching the parks within the New England area that would make good day trips. I very rarely get a Saturday off - let alone a Saturday off with no previous plans. I was beyond excited about taking this mini road trip with Stew.

Our first stop was to the Saint-Gaudens National Historical Site in Cornish, NH. This is the only National Park in the state of New Hampshire and the property is well worth a visit!

Augustus Saint-Gaudens was a world renowned sculpture who resided in this home in Cornish during the summer months - and then, permanently in his later years. The property is complete with art galleries, workshops, gardens, and a walking path through a ravine to a man made swimming hole.

We opted out of the guided tour in the mansion itself and instead leisurely walked the property and viewed the galleries and sculptures. It is amazing to me that I have seen many of Saint-Gaudens works displayed around the country - Boston, New York, and Chicago but never knew they were all brilliantly created by the same man who held up residence just a few hours from my home.

This was the perfect setting to welcome in the first day of Fall and I have a feeling we will be back again.

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