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My introduction to blogging started in the Spring of 2010 when I came across the world of Personal Style blogs. I was immediately hooked and shortly after I began reading these blogs I decided to start my own. My new personal style blog, Stylish Year, launched on my 29th birthday with a goal to never wear the same outfit twice for an entire year. I accomplished that goal on my 30th birthday after 365 different outfits and a year of incredible self discovery.

Over the next year I kept blogging regularly with outfit posts and general fashion related content but I knew I wanted more out of my blog, out of this space I created here. In the summer of 2012 I made the decision to re-brand my blog in order to incorporate all aspects of my life and that is how I’m Gonna Fly was born.

I never knew that by writing that first blog post that blogging would chang the course of my life. In the Spring of 2012 I  co-founded Blog Better Boston with my friend, Alana. Together we have brought the blogging world out from behind a computer screen and created a place where bloggers can share their ideas and learn together through conferences, summits, and workshops.

While I still frequently post outfit photos and fashion themed content I have branched out with new types of posts like Park Ranger Amy, Thursday Night Date, Travel Diaries and more recently, my journey into parenthood with my husband, Stewart through the process of adoption.

Who knows where I will end up next but you can be sure I will continue to blog about it!

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